Artist's Statement

I create images that are graphically strong yet gentle in presentation. I respond to the delicate quality of light present in the world I see.

With my Organic Landscapes body of work, I compare the lines and shapes found in the landscape with abstract human shapes and line. These images are a study of flow, curves, textures and colors found in nature.

When photographing, I look for the forms created by shadows and shapes found on rolling landscapes; the edges and transparency of delicate petals or on the sensual flows on the human figure. The luminosity and color of light is what moves me. I’m looking for a quiet, thoughtful illumination to be the conveyer of the image.

I capture images while paying attention to the natural shapes of water, land and atmosphere. I am very interested in photographing subjects that are very clean in line and emotionally strong.

Ron Dell'Aquila, September, 2013